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California Department of Water Resources

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California State Water Project implements multiple system-wide upgrades


The Department of Water Resources (DWR) operates and maintains the California State Water Project, which generates power, provides flood control, provides water for irrigation and domestic consumption, and maintains a number of recreational areas.


The State Water Project was constructed in the 1970’s and had operations and information systems from that time. The Project needed new systems to support organizational restructuring and business process improvements.


DWR developed a program to implement the largest combined electric and water utility computer and control system in the United States – $65 million in systems upgrades. Westin was selected as the consulting engineer to assist DWR over a multi-year period in all phases of this program including:

  • Operations Strategy: Helped prepare State Water Project “Operations Information Systems” (POIS) Strategic Plan integrating new information systems with new and existing work processes
  • Aqueduct SCADA: Provided planning, design and services during construction of a new control system
    Telecommunications: Provided planning, design and services during construction of state-wide fiber network
  • Business Systems: Upgraded several business information systems including planning and scheduling systems, and computerized maintenance management systems
  • Operations: Consolidated Regional Operations Centers into a state-wide Joint Operation Control Center
  • Automation Planning: Developed technical alternatives, cost analyses, conceptual designs, and project plans


The state-wide SCADA, telecommunications and operations management system resulted in the following benefits:

  • Improved system-wide operations planning and scheduling by centralizing six Regional Control Centers into one Joint Operations Control Center to support
  • Reduced operations staffing requirements by 10%
  • Deferral of over $20M in telecommunications cost through Fiber for Right of Way exchange
  • Ability to manage power trading in deregulated market
  • More reliable system operation than legacy system
  • Integration with SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System
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