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Ottawa Water Department, Canada

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SCADA Master Plan completed, upgrade under way

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Ottawa is the capital of Canada and the country's fourth largest municipality. The City’s Britannia and Lemieux Island water purification plants serve over one million people.


The City’s SCADA system was last upgraded in 2000. Since then, advances in technology have occurred and some of the system’s components are near their life expectancies. Also changes to the regulatory environment in the Province have resulted in new drinking water management and capital management requirements for water agencies. The City needed a comprehensive plan to align both their SCADA technology and SCADA governance with their business needs including: regulatory, capital delivery, operational efficiency, and SCADA renewal.


The City chose Westin to develop a five-year SCADA Master Plan for upgrading and governing their water SCADA assets. The plan Westin developed defines a $12 million capital program for the upgrade of Ottawa Water’s SCADA technology, organization, and practices. The plan also defined the priority, resources, scope, budget, implementation plan and dependencies for each project in the five-year program. Those projects include: 

  • SCADA hardware and software upgrades;
  • SCADA Standards;
  • Pilot Projects to test new technology and concepts; 
  • Operations data management; 
  • Business intelligence and integration;  
  • Local and wide-area network communications; 
  • Alarm management; 
  • Process optimization; 
  • Control philosophy, and
  • SCADA organization and governance.


The Master Plan is complete. In addition to those services described above, Westin has completed the following items to date:

  • Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) of the existing SCADA system and proposed SCADA architecture and assets.
  • Completion of an Organizational Assessment that reviewed and recommended an organization structure, resource levels, hiring, skills, training, and tools.
  • Revised the existing SCADA standards to reflect the technical direction and business requirements identified in the SCADA Master Plan.
  • Implementation of smart alarming to reduce nuisance alarms.
  • Design and bid the SCADA Plant LAN.

Westin is now proceeding with the next phase of the program which includes upgrading the SCADA system and the implementation of SCADA governance changes.

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