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Las Vegas Valley Water District

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Telecommunications survey increases savings and bandwidth


Founded in 1954, the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) helped build the city's water delivery system and now provides water to nearly one million people in Southern Nevada.


The primary mission of the LVVWD is to maintain a secure, reliable water supply. This mission has at times required additional focus on the security of its critical infrastructure. LVVWD needed to extend its site security system to its remote sites. However, many of the sites lacked the broadband network connectivity required for transporting the security and access control services.


Working with LVVWD, Westin conducted a communications survey to determine the feasibility and best options for a fiber optic connection to selected remote sites.

Westin collected existing records and collaborated with LVVWD staff to compile a list of 38 remote sites to be surveyed. The sites were examined and analyzed with respect to their proximity to the following three options for fiber optic connection:

  1. Existing LVVWD communications conduit,
  2. The fiber optic network of the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), LVVWD’s wholesale water provider, and
  3. Third party fiber optic networks.

 The final solution was a combination of the three options evaluated. Several of LVVWD’s sites are located in close proximity to SNWA facilities, which allowed for the use of SNWA’s unused fiber, also called “dark fiber.” Westin found that a number of LVVWD facilities were near the fiber optic network of one of the local telecommunications providers, and assisted LVVWD in negotiating Irrefutible Right of Use contracts to utilize dark fiber on that network. These sites only required construction of short entrance segments. The remaining 15 sites required construction of new conduit and fiber optic cable extensions.


By identifying solutions to achieve the required fiber optic connectivity while minimizing the need for new construction, LVVWD was able to avoid millions of dollars in construction costs. When fully implemented, the fiber optic network dedicated to security of critical LVVWD facilities will enable them to continue operations in compliance with their mission and Federal mandates of the Critical Infrastructure Protection program.

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