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Greenville Utilities Commission

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IT assessment leads to comprehensive strategic plan.

greenville logoThe Greenville Utilities Commission, located 85 miles east of Raleigh, has more than 134,000 connections, providing electric power transmission and distribution, natural gas storage and distribution, water treatment and distribution, and wastewater collection and treatment.


The Commission needed to ensure that processes, services, and technology were consistent with industry best practices and the needs of its customers.  The Commission’s business challenges are similar to those facing many utility service providers today, and have required Greenville Utilities to undertake the following initiatives:

  • Instigating business and operations performance improvements;
  • Incorporating Best Practices in all business and operational areas;
  • Leveraging the value of an enterprise, cross-departmental approach;
  • Adopting knowledge management practices – discovery, retention, sharing, and expansion; and
  • Establishing strategies, objectives, structures, and protocols to unify management commitment to performance improvement initiatives.


The Commission selected Westin to assess their current business operations, processes and systems, and then help develop a comprehensive strategic plan for information management and technologies. The assessment identified opportunities where technology systems could improve business performance and streamline processes across all service areas.

The plan created a comprehensive set of strategies to drive effective application of information technologies that support business improvements. Greenville Utilities Commission adopted this strategy and associated recommendations for business process improvements, priorities, change initiatives, implementation projects, and expenditures required to drive sustainable business performance improvements over a 6-8 year program.


The Business Applications Master Plan creates the bridge between GUC’s business strategies and the key information and workflow automation systems that can enable and support those business strategies. As a result of this plan, the Commission has an achievable vision and clearly-defined milestones to help them achieve their goals for a streamlined, integrated and automated business. Board approval for funding and executing the initial five years of the master plan was obtained in 2010, and the Commission has initiated organizational and business process changes to ensure readiness for new business applications.

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