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Douglas A. Spiers, Esq.

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What he does: Responsible for developing standard methodologies for Westin’s consulting efforts

Resides: El Dorado Hills, CA

Hometown: Downey, CA

School: California Polytechnic University at Pomona, Pepperdine University, Santa Clara University, University of San Francisco

Career Highlights: Helped Japan implement a two-tier nuclear regulatory system, managed research and development for a high-level nuclear waste reprocessing project, managed production of 400 Tomahawk cruise missiles, process engineer for uranium hexaflouride gas centrifuge enrichment project, led a 5 billion dollar environmental insurance claim for Chevron, managed groundwater and soil remediation of four Superfund sites.

Membership: AWWA, WEF, California State Bar

Passion in life: Skiing, Golf

Recommended Books: The Trusted Advisor by Maister, Green, and Galford

Musical Genres: Alternative

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