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Technology Strategic Planning

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Business and Technology AllignmentUtilities are constantly seeking to do more with fewer staff and limited revenues. At the same time, utility strategies often require fully implemented and integrated information solutions to help achieve their goals and measure progress.

Service Objective

Technology Strategic Planning helps you identify the strategies required to achieve your utility's business goals. By addressing both information technology and control system strategies, this planning approach unifies your efforts toward shared business imperatives. These plans articulate how you can leverage people, processes and systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness, support business decisions, ensure that investments provide the best return, and initiate a programmatic approach to attain success. Westin helps utilities:

  • Improve performance by coordinating and focusing systems and resources;
  • Streamline and integrate business processes that cross departments;
  • Develop executive and staff buy-in to ensure program success;
  • Prioritize and justify investments based on business benefits and technical requirements;
  • Establish governance, organizational structure, and resources required to implement strategies; and
  • Define projects considering priorities, schedule, dependencies, resources and funding.

We work with you to create a comprehensive road map for your unique business needs. This planning effort articulates strategies, realistic project definitions and justifiable cost estimates to ensure that your organization is poised for action.

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