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Project and Program Management

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Programmatic Approach to PrioritizationProjects are successful because they are managed to success. Project management is a critical factor in delivering a project on-time and on-budget with the desired performance.

Service Objective

Westin applies industry-recognized standards and controls to project management. Westin’s team includes certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) with extensive, practical experience applying Project Management Institute (PMI) principles in the field.

When organizations take on several related projects at once, the value of management is compounded. Organizations that execute projects and programs effectively:

  • Ensure repeatable results and consistent outcomes through standardized project approaches;
  • Manage inter-project dependencies;
  • Establish standardized project management processes;
  • Prioritize projects based on technical and business goals;
  • Ensure resource availability;
  • Move projects to full implementation; and
  • Minimize the cost and lost momentum of project restarts.

In addition, Westin applies a formal Quality Assurance Program which includes an independent audit of each client’s satisfaction.


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