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Enterprise Integration

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Utilities face increasing service-level expectations. They need reliable information to guide decisions. And they must maximize their efficiency.

Addressing these business concerns requires reliable information about operations, costs, resources, and status. However, related data is often spread across, or buried within, multiple information systems and paper documents, with limited access.

By overcoming this state, organizations can avoid blind spots, redundant efforts and inconsistent reporting. Ultimately they need to understand their actual performance and measure progress.

Service Objective

Business processes often span multiple systems and departments. Enterprise application integration leverages data gathered in one system and makes it accessible to another. This can eliminate redundant data entry, consolidate essential information, improve process cycle times, mitigate risks and barriers and provide a “single version of the truth.”

The resulting business benefits are profound. Enterprise application integration can help utilities:

  • Improve decision-making by leveraging financial and reliability data related to total assets value, materials, labor and services;
  • Improve customer service by expediting service requests, tracking service status, and providing work crews with service history, location and asset condition;
  • Provide geospatial and mapping data for efficient work assignments (routing), customer communication, and locating linear assets and appurtenances; and
  • Gather real-time data about equipment status, condition and alerts to enable preventive and predictive maintenance.

Westin can help you determine your organization’s business objectives, then decide the specific interfaces required as well as the overall strategy for accomplishing your goals. 

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