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Financial Management

Financial Management Pillar

Effective utility management demands that utility executives have the ability to monitor key performance indicators, report on accurate and timely data, and produce accurate financial reports to fulfill public accounting and regulatory requirements.

Service Objective

To provide an effective solution, finance systems, processes and the organization must all work together. Westin applies our knowledge of FIS systems and utility management to help you:

  • Track asset value and depreciation to ensure compliance with GASB-34 and other government accounting requirements;
  • Leverage system functionality to streamline business processes such as collection and processing of  financial data related to budget, fixed assets, general ledger, AP/AR, inventory, job cost and payroll;
  • Access information required for financial planning, controlling CIP, and budget monitoring;
  • Maintain reports and records required to ensure high credit and bond rating;
  • Streamline data entry and ensure accuracy through integration with other core business systems;
  • Collect and manage employee status, benefits, qualifications and certifications, training and electronic timekeeping; and
  • Manage purchasing, disbursement, revenue and receipts.

Westin’s project methodology starts by establishing your business requirements. Then we make sure you understand your options and guide you through selection, configuration, system deployment and change management to ensure that your system provides you with the solution you need.

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