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Customer Information Systems (CIS)

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Implementing new, replacing or upgrading a Customer Information System can improve responsiveness, increase productivity, improve information access, and automate business processes.

Because CIS systems manage many aspects of your business operation – from service requests to billing and collections – implementation must meet the highest standard. While potential improvements are substantial, full implementation can be a challenge. Therefore requirements must be defined, prioritized and based on your unique business needs.

Service Objective

Fully implemented and integrated CIS solutions can profoundly improve utility performance and enhance customer service levels. Westin develops requirements, assists with systems evaluation and selection, and provides implementation services, to improve billing accuracy, reduce service order backlog, minimize overtime, and cut abandoned calls, to name a few. We can help you:

  • Improve information access, increase customer self-service and reduce demands on service staff;
  • Improve billing accuracy and meter-to-cash cycle times;
  • Develop interfaces to Meter Data Management (MDM), GIS, IVR, and Work Management systems to improve CSR functions;
  • Reduce payment defaults by enabling automatic funds transfer, credit card, phone pay, web pay;
  • Automate communication with customers about utility programs and activities such as water quality, water conservation and maintenance activities;
  • Facilitate dispatching and provide CSRs with real-time status on service request and service orders by integrating CIS with mobile solutions;
  • Eliminate redundant data entry, replace manual tasks, and expedite service by automatically transferring relevant information from service requests to work orders; and
  • Optimize service routing and real-time information exchange among CSRs, technicians, supervisors and operation managers.

Westin combines a proven methodology, nationally recognized business and technical experts, and direct knowledge of CIS applications in utilities. Working collaboratively with your staff, we identify opportunities for improving business effectiveness, overcoming challenges and implementing enterprise solutions.

Learn more about our CIS Solutions.

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