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SCADA Master Planning

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SCADA Planning FanThe life span of a SCADA/Control system is relatively short. System upgrades introduce greater functionality while aging systems face concerns with compatibility, continuing support and availability of replacement parts.

While some utilities update systems, others are applying control systems to optimize processes; capture operational data for planning and decision making; and integrate with business systems for enterprise-wide improvement.

Service Objective

Westin’s Proactive approach is a business-centric structure designed to establish a comprehensive plan for all aspects of automated control – technology, networks and communication, security, governance, standards and operation. Westin’s Proactive approach to SCADA master planning helps you:

  • Establish your vision, strategies and goals for effective, system-wide operations control;
  • Maximize business and operational benefits and your investment in SCADA.
  • Identify and prioritize business, operational and technical requirements;
  • Understand how service level objectives impact control;
  • Establish a coordinated, prioritized program to meet operational goals;
  • Define specific, short-term and long-term projects including costs, resource commitment, schedules and dependencies in order to deliver projects on time and within budget.
  • Identify immediate concerns and high-impact projects;
  • Define and identify policies, procedures, organization, technologies and a controlled means of managing change; and
  • Establish buy-in among stakeholders and executive sponsors.

The end-result is a Proactive plan that will lower business risk, optimize operational performance, and provide access to operational data required for effective business decisions.

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