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Whether producing regulatory reports, planning capital projects, or validating billing, utilities need data they can trust and a simple way to access it.

The challenge boils down to three basic issues: access, effort and accuracy. In many cases, information must ODMS Concept Modelbe extracted from a proprietary SCADA database or from spreadsheets on various servers and drives. When data is collected and entered by hand, accuracy is questionable. And, when data is difficult to consolidate and format, processes can extend until information is beyond the date when it is meaningful for daily decision making or long-term planning.

Service Objective

Improving data access and reporting is a key strategy for utilities to improve performance – in water quality, regulatory and operations reporting, billing, asset management, process optimization, and capital planning. Westin works with utilities to:

  • Identify root causes of data collection problems.
  • Apply best practices including automating data collection, eliminating failure modes, and pre-validating manually entered data.
  • Ensure accurate and complete data required for regulatory and operations reporting through formal data validation policies and procedures.
  • Develop and fully deploy enterprise solutions through defined system and data requirements, scalable system architecture and design, configuration, testing and training.
  • Integrate operations data with business systems to calculate total asset cost, deploy condition-based preventative maintenance, and improve billing accuracy.
  • Reduce time, cost and errors by automating reporting for compliance, operations performance, incidents, etc.
  • Deliver information dashboards that are tailored to specific corporate users and external customers.
  • Provide timely, accurate information and alerts so managers can compare actual performance with goals and take corrective action when trends indicate a future concern.
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