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Operations Management

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Whether you need simple control, advanced automation or system-wide optimization, Westin can help you reach your goals. Westin provides planning, design and implementation services that are focused on the effective automation and control of water and wastewater systems and public utilities. Our specialization in automation technology means we can help:Operations Management Pillar

  • Develop long-term plans for upgrades and expansion
  • Achieve appropriate levels of automation for your operation
  • Match technology to your unique needs
  • Expedite implementation
  • Obtain predictable, high-quality results
  • Create an integrated solution
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget

Westin's engineers and project managers employ practical experience in design gained at hundreds of utilities throughout the nation. Throughout our history we have designed, configured and helped implement virtually every major SCADA system, PLC, RTU and communication technology on the market.

Many of our engineers began their careers as system integrators and some have experience as utility operators. We know how systems perform in the field and we apply this practical knowledge to help you maximize the return on every dollar you spend on automation technology.

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