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Asset Management Readiness Assessment

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Asset AreasWhat does asset management really mean to a utility? Which best practices are appropriate? Why can’t you simply install an Asset Management system? And, most importantly, how do you get started?

Service Objective:

Westin helps you understand what your agency must do to institute asset management into your culture. Westin’s Asset Management Readiness Assessment includes a concise series of educational presentations, interactive workshops and on-site evaluations. We tailor the assessment and knowledge exchange to your organization to help you:

  • Understand what it means to implement asset management and its overall role in utility strategy;
  • Define terms used in asset management;
  • Write an achievable and appropriate vision;
  • Determine how “best practices” fit your needs;
  • Establish executive and team buy-in to becoming asset-centric;
  • Understand common metrics and typical results for high-performing utilities;
  • Understand the role of software and systems integration as tools for work order management as well as capital planning; tracking total lifecycle cost; and improving customer service;
  • Learn the steps required to implement an asset management program.


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