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Asset Management Planning

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Asset Management Drivers and OutcomesPlanning, operating and maintaining infrastructure and assets is fundamental to utility management. Utilities need to:

  • Understand the criticality of their assets in achieving their primary objective;
  • Make informed decisions to prioritize capital improvements;
  • Understand the cost of replacing critical assets and when the investment must occur;
  • Manage (maximize) asset life and lifecycle cost; and
  • Keep assets functioning as intended (through predictive and preventive maintenance).

Service Objective:

Westin works with utilities to establish their program for asset management. This starts by establishing practical and effective asset management strategies and an implementation plan that aligns with your business goals. Westin’s planning process helps you:

  • Set a vision for how your utility will manage assets in the future;
  • Understand best practices, how they apply to your agency, and what your agency needs to accomplish to attain the vision;
  • Define achievable strategies, projects and measures to guide you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future;
  • Determine what business processes and technologies will be affected by adopting best practices;
  • Optimize your organization for high efficiency.
  • Identify how information systems can support your strategies and goals.
  • Prioritize and sequence projects required to attain your program.
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